STEP360平衡球训练半球 BOSU训练球健身球
  • STEP360平衡球训练半球 BOSU训练球健身球
  • 标签:STEP360 BOSU 健身
  • 主演:STEP
  • 导演:SPRI
  • 首映:2016
  • 类型:培训科普
  • 人气:
STEP360平衡球训练半球 BOSU训练球健身球-播放选集
    • Official SPRI Step360 Training Video

    • DVD contains Two 18-minute Step360 Pro Training Sessions led by well-known fitness experts Robert Sherman and Abbie Appel

    • Comprised of 3-minute routines performed within 6 training phases with zero rest (3-6-0)

    • Bonus sections include Get To Know Your Step360, Science Behind The 360 Training Experience, and Step360 Teaching Excellence