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    新款 PILATES 普拉提高脚木质平床Wood Reformer 赠教学视频

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Get to the forefront and make a leap of quality in the Pilates experience with our new reformer, an exclusive and modern design thought to offer the best benefits to the professionals of the sector.


Top quality rock maple wood.

Smooth, quiet glide, special wheels and precision bearings.

Spring bar with 4 positions, with two-stage spring couplings for increase intensity.

Adjustable 4-position shoulder straps, easy to adapt to each user.

Perfect Stability Six springs with multiple levels of resistance.

- 2 red springs of strong intensity.

- 2 green springs of medium intensity.

- 2 yellow springs of light intensity.

Pulley rods with quick change of height.

Large foot bar and perfect stability.

Quick change of Positions.

Strap by back support, adjustable longitudinally.

Padded front adjustable strap.

Built-in tower anchoring system.

Stackable, with wheels for easy transportation.

Includes Stopper

Includes padded seat where the jump board