预定美国原装进口Rapid Release - RRT-Pro2电动肌肉按摩放松220V

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rrtpro2 - Rapid Release Pro 2 Therapeutic Resonance Massager

WARRANTY: manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty on all parts defective in material and workmanship only. It shall be up to the discretion of the manufacturer whether to repair or replace any of the parts necessary to return the unit to full functionality. Warranty may be transferred, but only with the provision of the original proof of purchase.

RETURNS: 90-day 100% Satisfaction and Return Policy
Rapid Release Pro 2 is a medically therapeutic device and because physicians tout and will often recommend a short-term trial of RRT therapy as beneficial, if returned, there will be a restocking fee of 10% of the purchase price. All returns must be pre-authorized by notifying Back Be Nimble customer service via email to sales@backbenimble.com. Customer will be responsible for returning the unit in new, resalable condition to the factory address to be provided in response to your email inquiry. You will be responsible for choosing a safe and insured return method; as well as the cost of such return.

OBSERVING RRT RESULTS: using RRT over normal tissue, the user will visualize a wave-like action or 'ripple effect' moving through the tissues surrounding the applicator head. However, when positioned over areas of unhealthy tissue like chronic fibrotic adhesions (scar tissue), such wave-like effects will not initially be noted. As adhesions begin to break loose during the therapy session, the ripple effect should begin to appear demonstrating normalization of tissue gliding and movement.


  • Do not apply over joint replacements, plates or screws

  • Do not apply the trumpet or actuator heads to bone.

  • Do not leave stationary for more than 5 seconds.

  • Do not use on DVT or areas with blood clots.

  • Do not use over 10 minutes or when hot.

  • Do not apply directly over acutely inflammed plantar fasciitis.

  • Do not apply to client with pacemaker.

  • Do not apply during pregnancy.