HyperIce Vyper电动振动泡沫轴深层肌肉放松预定原装进口充电式

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What is the Hyperice Vyper?

The Hyperice Vyper is a revolutionary new concept from the most successful cryotherapy manufacturer on the market today. The Vyper is a foam roller for the 21st century workout warrior and has already been lauded by athletes such as NFL running back Adrian Peterson and NBA Allstar Blake Griffin. The Vyper, which started its life as a kickstarter campaign, is exclusive to PhysioRoom.com and possibly the most unique foam roller on the market today. The Vyper is a truly unique product which works primary like a foam roller but with the added benefit of providing vibration led massage to the area due to be massaged. This makes the Vyper not only exceptionally versatile but exceptionally powerful too.

How does it work?

Using a fully rechargeable high power lithium battery, the Vyper is the most advanced recovery device on the market today. Delivering vibration frequencies at three power speeds, the Vyper combines the forces of compression with vibration to bring forth an exceptionally powerful sports recovery tool. Designed to be both user and economically friendly, the Vyper features a polypropylene shell which is air injected for comfort to offer support to the body during use. Ideal for myofascial release and trigger point massage, the Vyper improves blood circulation, minimises recovery speed and promotes suppleness in the working muscles so that they can be used over and again.

Main features

Circumference: 15cm

Length: 29cm

Weight: 1.6kg

Running time: 2 hours on level 3

Automatic switch off feature after 10 minutes

Wireless and rechargeable

German engineered technology

Instruction leaflet in French, German, and English

Three speed power output

Portable 16.8V lithium ion battery

User and environmentally friendly