PILATES新款普拉提铝质平床Reforer 4号床 赠大师DVD

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Height of bed 62cm. Rubber feet. Stackable and lightweight. A reformer of modern line with the latest technological advances. Ideal for studios and clubs seeking the versatility and practicality reformer.

The most versatile and professional reformer from Elina Pilates. Incredibly adaptable and durable, superior construction for maximum safety and durability. Fixed foot bar, adjustable in 5 different angles.

The whole body treatment with baking varnish, using eco-friendly and top pearl finish.

Wheels suspension system for a smooth ,quiet ride, which enhanced aluminium rail on carriage is square tube ,4  horizontal wheels and 4 inner vertical wheels glide fluently

5 pcs spring for carriage (1strong, 2 medium, 2 light)

Special spring bar system ,adjust the position without  removing  the spring (4 positions)

Full-padded footbar adjusts to five vertical positions to accommodate various body sizes

1 pair pulley

One pair aluminum pulley riser

Loop /handles :Triple D-Ring cotton loops (1pair).Double loops (1pair),1 piece foot strap

2 pcs removable shoulders 

2 wheels on the front of frame ,it's easy to move and store .

Folds flat .remove risers and shoulder rests ,and store in specially designed slots in the frame

Includes the jump board and box

Carriage dimensions: 91cm x 58cm

Reformer dimensions: Height 62 cm. Width 59cm. Length: 230cm

Weight: 60kg