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Back Brace for Compression Fractures, Kyphosis, Osteoporosis and More

This spinal fracture brace is ideal for treating a number of conditions affecting the thoracic spine. Besides compression fractures, these might include:

  • Kyphosis

  • Osteoporosis

  • Mechanical back pain of the thoracic spine

  • Pre- and post-surgical care

This kyphosis back brace features a mechanical pulley system that makes it easy to apply and adjust the amount of compression this kyphosis back brace provides. This eliminates the risk causing more damage  by straining and/or twisting to cinch up a back brace.

The Cybertech thoracic lumbar sacral orthosis (TLSO) brace stretches from the sacrococcygeal junction at the base of the spine all the way up to the inferior spine of the scapula between the shoulder blades. (See more TLSO braces.) And the postural extension orthosis stretches across the back in an anatomically correct manner. The ergonomic design of the posterior plastic shell provides a natural 15 degrees of lordosis (curve of the lower back).

The posterior shell of this osteoporosis back brace is encased in plush spacer material. This spacer mesh is reinforced and durable. Plus it is breathable for user comfort. The inner liner of this thoracic spine support is soft, plush material.

The straps of the compression fracture treatment support are placed so that they are non-irritating. Plus they are adjustable and soft, especially in the underarm area. The thoracic spine support has alligator Velcro tabs on the straps that make it easy for one to adjust their length.

Thoracic Spine Brace for Early Onset Osteoporosis

A number of the aforementioned conditions play into one another. Osteoporosis, or degeneration of the discs of the spine as one ages that makes them brittle and fragile, can lead to compression fractures. Compression fractures can result in the vertebrae taking on a wedged shape that can ultimately lead to kyphosis. Kyphosis refers to an abnormally severe C-curve to the thoracic spine. (BraceAbility offers a number of braces for kyphosis treatment.) Considering this, it should not be surprising that are similarities when it comes to treating these conditions.

The other more common cause of thoracic spine injuries are those sustained during a high velocity accident, like a car crash or falling off a high ladder or diving into shallow water. Learn more about back injuries and conditions.

In some cases, surgery is necessary to correct damaged vertebrae or an abnormal curve of the spine. This is especially true if there are any signs the spinal cord is being impacted. When surgery is necessary, this kyphosis spine support can support the spine leading up to and following the procedure. Find more back supports for post-operative care.

If surgery is not necessary, wearing a mid-back brace like this one can help with one’s symptoms. The postural extension it provides can help prevent the condition from worsening and provide pain relief. In instances where kyphosis is caused by poor posture, wearing a TLSO back brace can actually reverse the condition. Check out BraceAbility’s full line of posture braces.

In either case the plush lining and anatomically-conscious design of the brace means wearing the compression fracture support will be as pleasant an experience as possible.

Spinal Compression Fracture Brace Features

This Cybertech extension brace is a respected and effective thoracic brace for a number of reasons. Some of its selling points include the following.

  • Mechanical advantage pulley system for easy compression application

  • Provides thoracic postural extension alignment

  • Treats: Osteoporosis, kyphosis, compression fractures, mechanical back problems

  • Can be used for pre- and post-surgical care

  • Provides support from the inferior spine of the scapula to the sacrococcygeal junction

  • Posterior plastic shell is ergonomically shaped, including 15 degrees of lordosis

  • The shell is covered in spacer material

  • Soft plush liner

  • Reinforced spacer mesh is durable and breathable

  • Application is simple and similar to putting on a backpack

  • Soft shoulder straps are located in a user-friendly location

  • Strap length is easy to adjust thanks to alligator Velcro tabs

  • Available in four sizes fitting waist circumferences 30 inches to 50 inches

Sizing Chart

SizeWaist Circumference
Small30" - 35"
Medium35" - 40"
Large40" - 45"
X-Large45" - 50"
All measurements taken in inches