预定 美国原装进口 Thera-Band Pro Series SCP 健身球 瑜伽球

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  • Rubber 100%

  • Imported

  • Strengthens muscles, improves posture, balance, and core stability, helps prevent back and spine pain

  • Deflates slowly if punctured, use to exercise abdominals, back, glutes, hips and other muscles, great for rehab and flexibility

  • For men or women, stretch the limits of your physical fitness by integrating stability exercise into your workout or rehab routine

  • Easy to clean, comes deflated with two plugs, one inflation adaptor and a 24 exercise guide poster, pump sold separately

  • Most comfortable exercise ball patients will sit on

  • Built-in latitudinal ridges and an outstanding texture that doesn't feel like plastic

  • Comes with two plugs, an inflation adapter and a poster detailing 24 exercises