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David Byers, a fitness model, was arrested on suspicion of robbery. (Photo: Instagram/Michael Stokes)

David Byers是一名健身模特,因涉嫌抢劫而被捕。(照片:Instagram /迈克尔·斯托克斯)

A fitness model was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of robbery, but it’s his hunky, off-the-clock photos that are making headlines.



After leading police on a dramatic car-and-foot chase, David Byers, a fitness model in Solana Beach, Calif., was arrested Wednesday in San Diego for allegedly robbing the same Riverside Chase bank twice and one Cos Cob Citco gas station, both located in Connecticut.


According to local news site Greenwich Time, Byers, who was in possession of a handgun, will be charged with three counts of robbery, two counts of larceny, and a felony count of reckless endangerment.


“I am surprised because David is one of my more popular models, and he doesn’t strike me as a violent guy,” Michael Stokes, a Los Angeles-based photographer who works with Byers, tells Yahoo Style. “He’s definitely a bad boy, and he’s disappointed a lot of women, but he texted me last week with news that he moved to New York to be with his girlfriend — who he’s very much in love with — and that he’s finally happy.”



David Byers, a fitness model, is a suspect in three robberies. (Photo: Yuma Police Department)

David Byers是一名健身模特,他是三起抢劫案的嫌疑人。(照片:尤马警察局)

Byers’s muscular body is covered in colorful tattoos, including a neck design, the latter of which police emphasized as a defining trait in the description of the model. This isn’t Byers’s first encounter with the law: According to Greenwich Time, in March he was charged with burglary, grand theft, and driving while intoxicated; and in 2016 he was arrested on unknown charges.


As for Byers’s sudden fame, Stokes chalks up the attention to Byers’s “bad boy” appeal. “He has a look that makes women want to rehabilitate him,” he tells Style. Well, let’s hope that happens!




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